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Restoring Balance & Wellbeing to your life

We connect with people on a physical and emotional level to provide a practical integration of body and mind. Our personalised treatments seek to provide a comprehensive understanding of the physical and emotional recovery process and its impact on daily life, thereby ensuring lasting relief.

Nurture ABC

Nurture ABC™
(Aspire, Build, Connect)

New technologies are changing how children are educated and it can be difficult for parents to keep up with the fast evolution of this technology and support their children’s learning.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy

The starting point could be a biological and mechanical approach with gentle touches used to focus attention on specific parts of the body, commonly starting at the base of the skull, the spine to the sacrum, bodily fluids, organs, etc. The body will be treated as a whole and unique organism.



We offer a range of traditional complementary massage therapies to aid you in pain relief, stress and tension relief, rebalance or simply a chance to switch off and relax.

All therapies are based on Physiological and Anatomical theories that are connected at the cellular level.

We are here to explore together the challenges in your path, discover your Core Self and develop personal techniques you can apply and practice in your daily life. We believe that everyone is unique and that the recovery process is different for each and every individual.

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The first step is to analyse your body structure:

Answer Short Questionnaire

To understand your ailment we need you to fill out a short questionnaire prior to your first appointment and mention what areas you wish to focus on. At the time of treatment we will clarify details and explore your system.

Video Call diagnostics

We will provide options with practical tools, you will have personalized therapy to achieve the best results and reach your goal.

Maintaining physical wellbeing

The most important and sometimes longest step is the application of practical tools. For you to practice we will be throughout the whole process, during your therapy you will build your confidence and the ability to fluently manage any changes and challenges in life.

Craniosacral Therapy

This practice unlocks and releases physical and tension issues, allows the body to realign and communicate with itself, allowing energy to circulate freely and function at its absolute best.

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Family Therapy

We work in the quantum field of the body. This is in addition to considering culture, traditions and relationships with new technology and trends. Things which can make it more difficult for different personalities to relate, understand and appreciate each other fully.

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Nurture ABC Therapy

We work with families to identify stress points, encourage mutual understanding and strengthen relationships.

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We provide acupuncture for the relief and pain and stress.

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Group Therapy

Sessions of three or more people can be organised as group therapy, it can improve collaboration and empathy skills and provide a safe space for personal recognition and belonging, which will benefit the improvement of the working environment.

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Erika Pimentel

I have been working with Holistic Therapies since 2005

Erika has spent over a decade practicing across a range of massage and other forms of complementary therapy that work with the musculoskeletal system. She has been practicing in Mexico, the USA and now the UK.

Through this breadth of experience, she has found that Craniosacral Therapy and holistic therapies have produced endless positive results for clients. It focuses on the somatic nervous system, muscles, fascia and bone structure which allows her to treat not just physically but emotional issues through professional techniques tuning into the rhythms of the body in order to promote better well-being in her clients.