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Craniosacral therapy works closely with balance in the perception of the sensory information we receive and how it is processed by engaging with key bodily fluids such as cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, synovial fluid, pleural fluid, peritoneal fluid, and blood. By interacting with these vital fluids, CRT can effectively trace and influence the functionality the lymphatic, digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, and nervous system. It works with the adaptability of your biological clocks, helping to balance or calm your neural oscillation in a specific frequency range, allowing for optimal functioning and overall well-being.

This is an open form of therapy, and clients are encouraged to talk and communicate during the session. This allows us to target specific areas that connect to emotions or stressors the client may feel. Prior to treatment, the system is unwired. After treatment, the tissues and electromagnetic connections the body improves, and the efficiency of the treatment become visible.30 to 60 mins sessions is commonly utilised in CST treatment to move the pain out of the body. It could include a technique call unwinding that focuses on the fascia tissues in the body. Fascia are connective tissue that stabilised our bones, muscles, nerves, and organs.  Through this unwinding technique, we use a soft touch to stimulate the fascia, releasing tension and allowing the body to communicate with itself, and heal itself. Unwinding can improve motor control, help to manage stress and anxiety, relieve chronic pain and migraines, and also treat symptoms of PTSD and depression.

By addressing these conditions, CRT offers a holistic approach to health and wellness,
aiming to improve the quality of life for individuals experiencing a range of different health