Erika Pimentel
I will walk and support you on your journey

Erika is a therapist with over 17 years of dedicated experience in Mexico, USA, and UK in craniosacral therapy, different massage techniques, and family therapy. She now lives and works in London, where in 2017 she became fully-certified and registered as an Holistic and Craniosacral Therapist (holistic and craniosacral therapist).

Born in Mexico, Erika had a passion for natural therapies and the development of organs and body function from an early age. Over time, she leaned towards natural treatments/approaches and alternative therapies /natural and alternative therapies. When her partner and her mother both suffered from paralysis, Erika saw first-hand how a young person, who received only medicine, struggled with slow recovery and frequent setbacks. In contrast, her mother, who eceived alternative therapies in combination with western medicine, experienced an accelerated and lasting recovery. A later experience of her own with over-work-related stress and shock convinced her to dedicate her life to her passion for therapeutic recovery.

Although craniosacral therapy focuses on treating the head and spinal cord, it has a powerful physiological effect on the somatic nervous system which improves one’s general ability to recover a healthy lifestyle. Through the study and practice of craniosacral therapy Erika has learned a lot about how the body works and how therapy can enhance its performance through this experience. With her passion for sharing the benefits of therapy with others and for providing quality care she can apply this knowledge to help her clients achieve their health and wellness goals be it stress-management, overcoming pain and illness or achieving a more positive and productive attitude to daily life.

Erika has explored various alternative therapies and gained a deeper insight into the importance of balance for the mind, body, and well-being. She supports women in achieving natural balance on a physical and hormonal level, as well as in areas such as fertility, menopause, chronic pain, insomnia, heart health, and other conditions. Her pregnancy massage technique helps to balance hormone levels related to relaxation and stress, which can change significantly during pregnancy. It also helps to reduce complications and enhance the comfort and enjoyment of pregnancy.

I am excited to be living my truth and helping people to find peace and balance in their life through Craniosacral and holistic therapies.