ABC TECHNIQUE (Aspire, Build, Connect)

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Family communication is now more important than ever. New technologies are changing how children are educated and it can be difficult for parents to keep up with the fast evolution of this technology and support their children’s learning, which can often lead to frustration and a breakdown in communication. Trying to coax them into talking to you is proving unsuccessful, or even making it worse, and you don’t know where to turn.


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Nurture ABC™ block pieces therapy:

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, effective family communication has become more crucial than ever. With new technologies significantly influencing the way children are educated, many parents find it challenging to keep pace with these changes and support their children's communication. This leads to frustration and breakdowns in relationships within the family. Despite their best efforts, some parents find it difficult to engage their children in meaningful conversations, which can further strain their relationships.

This is where the Nurture ABC™ block pieces therapy comes in. These innovative therapy tools serve as a means for children to express and explore their feelings and thoughts symbolically, providing a unique avenue for opening up communication channels within the family. Through the manipulation and arrangement of the block pieces, children are able to connect with their emotions and deeper selves, ultimately facilitating improved interaction and understanding with their parents.

The therapy can offer valuable support in several areas, including strengthening inter-family relationships, enhancing behavioural communication, promoting the overall well-being and development of children, and providing assistance during significant transitions in their lives.

By fostering meaningful connections and enabling children to express themselves, the Nurture ABC™ block pieces therapy can ( help bridge the communication gap)play a pivotal role in nurturing healthy family dynamics and supporting children's emotional growth.

This therapy can be particularly beneficial in the following areas:

  • Strengthening inter-family relationships
  • Improving communication of behaviours and emotions
  • Supporting the overall well-being and development of children
  • Assisting children during transitional phases in their lives

The procedure is a multi-faceted technique aimed at understanding and addressing the
emotional and behavioural needs of children in 30 to 45 mins sessions. It can be broken
down into three key components: Aspire, Build, and Connect.

1. Aspire:

This step focuses on empowering the child to effectively communicate their emotional and behavioural needs. By providing them with the tools and support to express themselves, the goal is to help the child articulate their feelings and concerns in a constructive manner. This can involve helping them how to recognise and express their emotions, thus fostering better self-awareness and communication skills.

2. Build:

In this phase, the focus is on fostering strong and supportive relationships within the family environment. By creating a nurturing and secure atmosphere, the child is more likely to feel safe and understood, which can positively impact their emotional well-being. Building strong relationships within the family can provide a foundation of support for the child as they navigate their emotional and behavioural challenges.

3. Connect:

The final component involves helping the child better understand external stimuli and their own physical and emotional reactions. By making these connections, the child can gain insight into how their environment and experiences impact their emotions and behaviours.

This increased understanding can empower the child to better regulate their responses and navigate the world around them more effectively.