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Over time, we may not realise that the physical pain we feel is rooted deep within us, operating silently beneath our awareness. Without understanding where it comes from, we may mistakenly think it is caused by external factors or wrongly blame ourselves for it. Often, this problem can be traced back to the body's earliest survival mechanisms and balance adjustments.
In this process you will understand how emotions change and express themselves in the body over time. You will experience what it is like to feel safe to move freely. Naturally, our body tries to manage the emotions we have stored inside us, such as fears, sadness and anger, and somatises them if they are not channelled in time.
With a holistic physical and emotional healing treatment, you will feel in a safe and supportive space to explore and process these buried emotions and pains. Surprisingly, this process doesn't have to take a long time: with the right environment, your body will be ready to quickly let go of these feelings and/or pains, resulting in significant change in a short period of time.
Feeling safe doing activities focused on your anatomical circumstance will help you feel more confident and open to work on the emotional aspect.