Craniosacral Therapy Family Plan

This practice unlocks and releases physical and tension issues, allowing the body to realign itself and communicate better with itself, permitting energy to circulate freely and function at its absolute best. For families, it helps them to connect on a deeper, more emotional level and improve the flow of communication as a family unit.

Family Therapy Prices

40min Session.

2 adults / 2 children


60min Session.

2 adults / 2 children


40min Online

family session or over the phone


Most Popular

3 Session Plan


Great Value

6 Session Plan



This is an open form of therapy and the family is encouraged to communicate during the session. This allows us to target specific areas that connect to emotions or stressors they may feel individual or as a whole. Prior to treatment, the system is unwired. After treatment, the tissues and electromagnetic connections the body improves, and the efficacy efficiency of the treatment become visible.